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Effect of different washing conditions on the removal efficiency of selected compounds in biopolymers

Konstanze Kruta, Jörg Fischer, Peter Denifl, Christian Paulik

Clean Technologies and Recycling 3(3) (2023) 134-147

Strategies for improving product properties of thermoformed multilayer cups with contents of post-consumer polypropylene recyclates

Ines Traxler, Stephan Laske, Jörg Fischer

Journal of Applied Polymer Science (2023) e54451

From Bottle Caps to Frisbee - A Case Study on Mechanical Recycling of Plastic Waste towards a Circular Economy

Mohamad Hassan Akhras, Paul J. Freudenthaler, Klaus Straka, Jörg Fischer

MDPI Polymers 15 (2023) 2685

Optimizing the Process of Spot Welding of Polycarbonate-Matrix-Based Unidirectional (UD) Thermoplastic Composite Tapes

Janos Birtha, Christian Marschik, Eva Kobler, Klaus Straka, Georg Steinbichler, Sven Schlecht, Paul Zwicklhuber

MDPI Polymers 15 (2023) 2182

Correction factors for the drag and pressure flows of power-law fluids through rectangular ducts

Christian Marschik, Wolfgang Roland

Polymer Engineering & Science (2023) 1-16

Simultaneous Modification of Properties Relevant to the Processing and Application of Virgin and Post-Consumer Polypropylene

Ines Traxler, Hannes Kaineder, Jörg Fischer

MDPI Polymers 15 (2023) 1717

Interface Characterization of Consolidated PPGF Tapes on PPGF Mat Material

Andreas Kapshammer, Matei Constantin Miron, Lukas Dangl, Zoltan Major

MDPI Polymers 15 (2023) 935

Incorporating random effects in biopharmaceutical control strategies

Thomas Oberleitner, Thomas Zahel, Marco Kunzelmann, Judith Thoma, Christoph Herwig

AAPS Open 9, 4 (2023) 

A novel measurement approach based on optical coherence tomography for inline quality assessment of thermoplastic glass-fiber reinforced unidirectional tapes

Michael Wenninger, Christian Marschik, Karoline Felbermayer, Bettina Heise, Thomas Kranzl, Georg Steinbichler 

Journal of Thermoplastic Composite Materials 0(0) (2022) 1-23

A Novel Multi-Region, Multi-Phase, Multi-Component-Mixture Modeling Approach to Predicting the Thermodynamic Behaviour of Thermoplastic Composites during the Consolidation Process

Eva Kobler, Janos Birtha, Christian Marschik, Klaus Straka, Georg Steinbichler, Paul Zwicklhuber, Sven Schlecht

MDPI Polymers 14 (2022) 4785

Potential Analysis of the Plastics Value Chain for Enhanced Recycling Rates: A Case Study in Iceland

Moritz Mager, Ines Traxler, Jörg Fischer, David C. Finger

MDPI Recycling 7 (2022) 73

A mid-infrared lab-on-a-chip for dynamic reaction monitoring

Borislav Hinkov, Florian Pilat, Laurin Lux, Patricia L. Souza, Mauro David, Andreas Schwaighofer, Daniela Ristanic, Benedikt Schwarz, Hermann Detz, Aaron M. Andrews, Bernhard Lendl, Gottfried Strasser

Nature Communications 13 (2022) 4753

Sampling Scheme Conception for Pretreated Polyolefin Waste Based on a Review of the Available Standard Procedures

Mohamad Hassan Akhras, Jörg Fischer

MDPI Polymers 14 (2022) 3450

Quantum Cascade Laser-Based Vibrational Circular Dichroism Augmented by a Balanced Detection Scheme

Daniel R. Hermann, Georg Ramer, Markus Kitzler-Zeiler, Bernhard Lendl

Analytical Chemistry 94 (2022) 10384

Application of Mixing Rules for Adjusting the Flowability of Virgin and Post-Consumer Polypropylene as an Approach for Design from Recycling

Ines Traxler, Christian Marschik, Manuel Farthofer, Stephan Laske, Jörg Fischer

MDPI Polymers 14 (2022) 2699

Determination of the Influence of Multiple Closed Recycling Loops on the Property Profile of Different Polyolefins

Johanna Langwieser, Andrea Schweighuber, Alexander Felgel-Farnholz, Christian Marschik, Wolfgang Buchberger, Jörg Fischer

MDPI Polymers 14 (2022) 2429

Optimized Operating Conditions for a Biological Treatment Process of Industrial Residual Process Brine Using a Halophilic Mixed Culture

Thomas Mainka, Christoph Herwig, Stefan Pflügl

MDPI Fermentation 8 (2022) 246

Direct control of recombinant protein production rates in E. coli fed-batch processes by nonlinear feedback linearization

Julian Kager, Johanna Bartlechner, Christoph Herwig, Stefan Jakubek

Chemical Engineering Research and Design 182 (2022) 290

Melt Conveying in Single-Screw Extruders: Modeling and Simulation

Christian Marschik, Wolfgang Roland, Tim A. Osswald

MDPI Polymers 14 (2022) 875

Event driven modeling for the accurate identification of metabolic switches in fed-batch culture of S. cerevisiae

M. Adnan Jouned, Julian Kager, Christoph Herwig, Tilman Barz

Biochemical Engineering Journal 180 (2022) 108345

Online estimation of changing metabolic capacities in continuous Corynebacterium glutamicum cultivations growing on a complex sugar mixture

Peter Sinner, Marlene Stiegler, Oliver Goldbeck, Gerd M. Seibold, Christoph Herwig, Julian Kager

Biotechnology and Bioengineering 119 (2021) 575

Finding Optimized Process Conditions to Minimize Precipitations in an SO2 Absorption Process Using Thermodynamic Process Simulation

Barbara Weiß, Wolfgang Fuchs, Michael Harasek

CEt journal 88 (2021) 535

Predictive Monitoring of Shake Flask Cultures with Online Estimated Growth Models

Barbara Pretzner, Rüdiger W. Maschke, Claudia Haiderer, Gernot T. John, Christoph Herwig, Peter Sykacek

MDPI Bioengineering 8 (2021) 177

Monte Carlo-Based Error Propagation for a More Reliable Regression Analysis across Specific Rates in Bioprocesses

Julian Kager, Christoph Herwig

MDPI Bioengineering 8 (2021) 160

Development of a Rheology Die and Flow Characterization of Gas-Containing Polymer Melts

Clemens Kastner, Dominik Altmann, Eva Kobler, Georg Steinbichler

MDPI Polymers 13 (2021) 3305

Review of Element Analysis of Industrial Materials by in-line Laser - Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)

Johannes D. Pedarnig, Stefan Trautner, Stefan Grünberger, Nikolaos Giannakaris, Simon Eschlböck-Fuchs, Josef Hofstadler

MDPI Applied Sciences 11 (2021) 9274

Editorial: Continuous Biomanufacturing in Microbial Systems

Christoph Herwig, Christoph Slouka, Peter Neubauer, Frank Delvigne

Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 6 (2021) Volume 9, 665940

Microbial technologies for biotherapeutics production: Key tools for advanced biopharmaceutical process development and control

Denes Zalai, Julian Kopp, Bence Kozma, Michael Küchler, Christoph Herwig, Julian Kager

Drug Discovery Today: Technologies 4 (2021)

QCL-based mid-infrared hyperspectral imaging of multilayer polymer oxygen barrier-films

Robert Zimmerleitner, Ramin Nikzad-Langerodi, Cyril Ruckebusch, Matthias Godejohann, Jakob Kilgus, Kristina Duswald,

Markus Brandstetter

Polymer Testing 98 (2021) 107190

Fatty Acid Prediction in Bovine Milk by Attenuated Total Reflection Infrared Spectroscopy after Solvent-Free Lipid Separation

Christopher Karim Akhgar, Vanessa Nürnberger, Marlene Nadvornik, Margit Velik, Andreas Schwaighofer, Erwin Rosenberg,

Bernhard Lendl

Foods Journal 10 (2021) 1054

Effect of changes in continuous carboxylate feeding on the specific production rate of butanol using Clostridium saccharoperbutylacetonicum

Florian Gattermayr, Christoph Herwig, Viktoria Leitner

Bioresource Technology 332 (2021) 125057

Advances in monitoring and control of refolding kinetics combining PAT and modeling

Jan Niklas Pauk, Janani Raju Palanisamy, Julian Kager, Krisztina Koczka, Gerald Berghammer, Christoph Herwig, Lukas Veiter

Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 105 (2021) 2243

Solubility Data of Potential Salts in the MgO-CaO-SO2-H2O-O2 System of Process Modeling

Barbara D. Weiß, Michael Harasek

Processes 9 (2021) 50

Usage of Digital Twins Along a Typical Process Development Cycle

Peter Sinner, Sven Daume, Christoph Herwig, Julian Kager

Advances in Biochemical Engineering/Biotechnology 176 (2020)

Nanoscale Infrared Spectroscopy and Chemometrics Enable Detection of Intracellular Protein Distribution

A. Catarina V. D. dos Santos, Rosa Heydenreich, Christian Derntl, Astrid R. Mach-Aigner, Robert L. Mach, Georg Ramer,

Bernhard Lendl

Analytical Chemistry 92(24) (2020) 15719

Domain adaption for regression under Beer-Lambert`s law

Ramin Nikzad-Langerodi, Werner Zellinger, Susanne Saminger-Platz, Bernhard A. Moser

Knowledge-Based Systems 210 (2020) 106447

Graph-based calibration transfer

Ramin Nikzad-Langerodi, Florian Sobieczky

Journal of Chemometrics (2020) e3319

Partial least square regression versus domain invariant partial least square regression with application to near-infrared spectroscopy of fresh fruit

Puneet Mishra, Ramin Nikzad-Langerodi

Infrared Physics and Technology 111 (2020) 103547

Backpressure Optimization in Foam Injection Molding: Method and Assessment of Sustainability

Clemens Kastner, Thomas Mitterlehner, Dominik Altmann, Georg Steinbichler

Polymers Journal 12(11) (2020) 2696

Repetitive Fed-Batch: A Promising Process Mode for Biomanufacturing with E. coli

Julian Kopp, Stefan Kittler, Christoph Slouka, Christoph Herwig, Oliver Spadiut, David J. Wurm

Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 8 (2020) 573607

Effect of particle contact point treatment on the CFD simulation of the heat transfer in packed beds

Mario Pichler, Bahram Haddadi, Christian Jordan, Hamidreza Norouzi, Michael Harasek

Chemical Engineering Research and Design 165 (2021) 242

Application of Hybrid Modeling in Polymer Processing

Christian Marschik, Wolfgang Roland, Bernhard Löw-Baselli, Georg Steinbichler

SPE ANTEC Tech. Papers, San Antonio (2020)

Development of an Analytical Model to Describe the Disperse Melting in Wave-Dispersion Screws

Marius Dörner, Christian Marschik, Volker Schöppner, Georg Steinbichler

Polymers Journal 12 (2020) 946

Application of Network Analysis to Flow Systems with Alternating Wave Channels: Part B. (Superimposed Drag-Pressure Flows in Extrusion)

Christian Marschik, Wolfgang Roland, Marius Dörner, Sarah Schaufler, Volker Schöppner, Georg Steinbichler

Polymers Journal 12 (2020) 1900

An Integrated PRE Methodology for Capturing the Reaction Performance of Single- and Multi-site Type Catalysts Using Bench-Scale Polymerization Experiments

Vasileios Touloupidis, Gerold Rittenschober, Christian Paulik

Macromolecular Reaction Engineering (2020) 2000028

Nonlinear influences of process parameters on mechanical properties of physically foamed, fiber-reinforced polypropylene parts

Clemens Kastner, Georg Steinbichler, Susanne Kahlen, Michael Jerabek, Thomas Lummerstorfer

Journal of Applied Polymer Science (2020) e49569

A Chemometric Tool to Monitor and Predict Cell Viability in Filamentous Fungi Bioprocesses Using UV Chromatogram Fingerprints

Philipp Doppler, Lukas Veiter, Oliver Spadiut, Christoph Herwig, Vignesh Rajamanickam

Processes 8 (2020) 461

Morphological and physiological characterization of filamentous Lentzea aerocolonigenes: Comparison of biopellets by microscopy and flow cytometry

Kathrin Schrinner, Lukas Veiter, Stefan Schmideder, Philipp Doppler, Marcel Schrader, Nadine Münch, Kristin Althof, Arno Kwade, Heiko Briesen, Christoph Herwig, Rainer Krull

PLoS ONE 15(6) (2020)

A robust flow cytometry-based biomass monitoring tool enables rapid at-line characterization of S. cerevisiae physiology during continuous bioprocessing of spent sulfite liquor

Charlotte Anne Vees, Lukas Veiter, Fritz Sax, Christoph Herwig, Stefan Pflügl

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 412 (2020) 2137

External Cavity Quantum Cascade Laser-Based Mid-Infrared DispersionSpectroscopy for Qualitativeand Quantitative Analysis ofLiquid-Phase Samples

Stefan Lindner, Jakob Hayden, Andreas Schwaighofer, Tobias Wolflehner, Christian Kristament, María González-Cabrera, Stefan Zlabinger, Bernhard Lendl

Applied Spectroscopy 74 (2020) 452

Anomalous Humidity Dependence in Photoacoustic Spectroscopy of CO Explained by Kinetic Cooling

Jakob Hayden, Bettina Baumgartner, Bernhard Lendl

Applied Sciences 10 (2020) 843

Soft Sensor-Based Monitoring and E_cient Control Strategies of Biomass Concentration for Continuous Cultures of Haloferax mediterranei and Their Application to an Industrial Production Chain

Thomas Mainka, Nicole Mahler, Christoph Herwig, Stefan Pflügl

MDPI Microorganisms 7 (2019) 648

In-Line Ultrasound-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Allows for Highly Sensitive Analysis with Improved Selectivity in Suspensions

Karin Wieland, Stefan Tauber, Christoph Gasser, Lukas A. Rettenbacher, Laurin Lux, Stefan Radel, Bernhard Lendl

Analytical Chemistry 91 (2019) 14231



PRES'21 - 24th Conference on Process Integration for Energy Saving and Pollution Reduction

October 31 - November 3,2021, Brünn (CZ)

"Finding Optimized Process Conditions to Minimize Precipitations in an SO2 Absorption Process Using Thermodynamic Process Simulation"

Barbara Weiß, Wolfgang Fuchs, Michael Harasek

UAR Upper Austrian Research Innovation Network 360° - Online-Expo

June 22-24, 2021

"Nachhaltigkeit durch Prozessdigitalisierung in der Kunststoffindustrie"

Christian Marschik

Advanced Therapies Congress & Expo 2021

May 19-21, 2021, Online-Event

"Tackling novel challenges: focusing on elements which are different from other cell culture processes"

"Technologizing ATMP Processes - Efficient methods to enhance NK functionality"

Christoph Herwig

Himmelfahrtstagung on Bioprocess Engineering 2021 - New Bioprocesses, New Bioproducts

May 10-12, 2021, Online-Event

"An integrated approach for monitoring and control of refolding kinetics by combining PAT and modelling"

Chika Igwe

PLASTICS 2050 - Compounding 4.0: Expert Talks mit Leistritz Managing Director Sven Wolf

March 18, 2021

"Sensoren und Modellbildung in der Kunststoffverarbeitung"

Christian Marschik

6. Jahrestagung Prozessvalidierung - Eine Veranstaltung der Chem-Academy

March 15-16, 2021

"Integrierte Prozessmodellierung: ein Begleiter von der Prozessentwicklung zur Steuerungsstrategie"

Christoph Herwig, Thomas Oberleitner

International Online Conference on Macromolecules (ICM 2020) / 100 Years of Polymerscience - from Past to Future

November 15, 2020, Mahatma Gandhi University, P.D. Hills P.O, Kottayam, Kerala (India)

"Tuning polymer architecture for additive manufacturing"

Christian Paulik

LIBS 2020 - 11th International Conference on Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy

September 20-25, 2020, Kyoto Terrsa, Kyoto (Japan)

"Detection of contaminants (PVC, Al, Fe) in recycled PET flakes with Laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy"

Gerald Schwödiauer, Stefan Trautner, Gundula Teichert, Thomas Krziwanek, Johannes D. Pedarnig

Biopolymer Days 2020 

June 17-18, 2020

SESSION 2: Produktion biobasierter Polymere

Christian Paulik: "Prozessdigitalisierung als Schlüssel für eine biobasierte Produktion"

Annual Technical Conference of the Society of Plastics Engineers

2020 Virtual Edition: San Antonio, Texas (USA)

"Application of Hybrid Modeling in Polymer Processing"

Christian Marschik

21st European Symposium On Polymer Spectroscopy

January 13-15, 2020, Linz (Austria)

"AFM-IR-Based Nanoscale Chemical Imaging"

Catarina Santos, Georg Ramer, Bernhard Lendl

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