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CHASE Circular Processing


In our Area 3, we offer you Circular Process Streams that deal with the central question how data knowledge management could innovate your circular process streams and the demonstration of the performance potential of next generation processes by means of real pilot living labs.

Gunnar Spiegel

DI Dr. Gunnar Spiegel, Area 3 Manager

Coordination Digital Infrastructure

+43 664 78736155


Ass.Prof. DI Dr.mont. Jörg Fischer, JKU Linz

o. Univ.-Prof. DI Dr.mont. Reinhold W. Lang, JKU Linz

Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Christian Paulik, JKU Linz


Bilfinger, Borealis, Covestro, Engel, EREMA, Greiner Packaging, Körber Pharma Austria, Renolit


  • Data management into knowledge enabling data-driven modeling for maximization of predictive capabilities of the models. leading to a new paradigm in hybrid model design.

  • Model based process design solutions.

  • Workflows and methods allowing continuous processing of circular streams.

  • Dynamic evaluation and validation as well as the demonstration of new generation demonstrator products and processes within smart living labs helps to ensure sustainability.

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  • ​Application oriented bottom up design by consideration of industry and SME-requirements.

  • Specific in-line process monitoring technology (Area 2).

  • Big data analysis driven by optimization of the overall plant dynamics.

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  • First principles based modeling for analysis, system design and automatic control, like non-linear model predictive control technology.

  • Hybrid modeling by means of first principles and heuristic modeling extracted from runtime data. 

  • Multiparametric Control strategies for continuous processing.

  • Technology based smart living labs for evaluation and demonstration.

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  • Improved quality assurance and process understanding due to developed prediction models based on transferring data into knowledge.

  • Novel feedstock preconditioning as advanced recycling technology  solutions. Best design of the recycling plant key components by hybrid model design.

  • Up-scale of recipe and process based on multidimensional model based predictions.

  • Experimental evaluation and validation of developed models within smart living labs.

  • Open source libraries of workflows and models enabling continuous processing circular streams.

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