Development of an Analytical Model to Describe the Disperse Melting in Wave-Dispersion Screws

Marius Dörner, Christian Marschik, Volker Schöppner, Georg Steinbichler

Polymers Journal 2020, 12, 946

Application of Network Analysis to Flow Systems with Alternating Wave Channels: Part B. (Superimposed Drag-Pressure Flows in Extrusion)

Christian Marschik, Wolfgang Roland, Marius Dörner, Sarah Schaufler, Volker Schöppner, Georg Steinbichler

Polymers Journal 2020, 12, 1900

An Integrated PRE Methodology for Capturing the Reaction Performance of Single- and Multi-site Type Catalysts Using Bench-Scale Polymerization Experiments

Vasileios Touloupidis, Gerold Rittenschober, Christian Paulik

Macromolecular Reaction Engineering 2020, 2000028

Nonlinear influences of process parameters on mechanical properties of physically foamed, fiber-reinforced polypropylene parts

Clemens Kastner, Georg Steinbichler, Susanne Kahlen, Michael Jerabek, Thomas Lummerstorfer

Journal of Applied Polymer Science 2020, e49569

A Chemometric Tool to Monitor and Predict Cell Viability in Filamentous Fungi Bioprocesses Using UV Chromatogram Fingerprints

Philipp Doppler, Lukas Veiter, Oliver Spadiut, Christoph Herwig, Vignesh Rajamanickam

Processes 2020, 8, 461

Morphological and physiological characterization of filamentous Lentzea aerocolonigenes: Comparison of biopellets by

microscopy and flow cytometry

Kathrin Schrinner, Lukas Veiter, Stefan Schmideder, Philipp Doppler, Marcel Schrader, Nadine Münch, Kristin Althof,

Arno Kwade, Heiko Briesen, Christoph Herwig, Rainer Krull

PLos ONE 15 (6) 2020

A robust flow cytometry-based biomass monitoring tool enables rapid at-line characterization of S. cerevisiae physiology

during continuous bioprocessing of spent sulfite liquor

Charlotte Anne Vees, Lukas Veiter, Fritz Sax, Christoph Herwig, Stefan Pflügl

Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 2020, in press

External Cavity Quantum Cascade Laser-Based Mid-Infrared DispersionSpectroscopy for Qualitativeand Quantitative Analysis ofLiquid-Phase Samples

Stefan Lindner, Jakob Hayden, Andreas Schwaighofer, Tobias Wolflehner, Christian Kristament, María González-Cabrera, Stefan Zlabinger, Bernhard Lendl

Applied Spectroscopy 2020, in press

Anomalous Humidity Dependence in Photoacoustic Spectroscopy of CO Explained by Kinetic Cooling

Jakob Hayden, Bettina Baumgartner, Bernhard Lendl

Applied Sciences 2020, 10, 843

In-Line Ultrasound-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Allows for Highly Sensitive Analysis with Improved Selectivity in Suspensions

Karin Wieland, Stefan Tauber, Christoph Gasser, Lukas A. Rettenbacher, Laurin Lux, Stefan Radel, Bernhard Lendl

Analytical Chemistry 2019, 91, 22, 14231-14238

21st European Symposium On Polymer Spectroscopy

13th - 15th January, 2020, Linz (Austria)

AFM-IR-Based Nanoscale Chemical Imaging

Catarina Santos, Georg Ramer, Bernhard Lendl

Biopolymer Days 2020 

17th - 18th June, 2020

SESSION 2: Produktion biobasierter Polymere

Univ.-Prof. DI Dr. Christian Paulik: "Prozessdigitalisierung als Schlüssel für eine biobasierte Produktion"





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